After-school Science Workshops

About our workshops

Science Fuse offers a series of all-year round science workshops. Our spectacular demonstrations, hands-on activities, and real world discussions make learning about science and mathematics fun for young learners. Our workshops not only engage students in STEM education but also help them develop a growth mindset and help build critical thinking skills. These skills and attitudes are crucial to many areas of learning throughout life.

Our one-hour workshops are themed around particular areas of science and include such topics as rocketry, magnets, polymers, and even the science of DNA. In each class, children are encouraged to give science a try, practice effective communication and teamwork to complete the given task. Students learn how to create and test hypotheses, collect data and draw conclusions while having fun.

Some of the fun activities include:

  • Blowing giant soap bubbles as we learn about viscosity, liquids and volume
  • Making atomic models and learning about elements, the periodic table and subatomic particles
  • Exploding soap bubbles as we learn about chemical reactions
  • Launching water rockets as we learn about gases, pressure and force
  • Building a DNA model using jelly beans as we learn about molecules, cells and genes

Science Fuse after school science workshops:

  • Are hands-on and focus on science and engineering practice
  • Are aligned to STEM objectives
  • Meet national, state, and provincial extracurricular activities standards
  • Are led by trained, qualified, and dynamic instructors
  • Follow professional lesson plans
  • Use unique equipment and original materials
  • Are loved by children, and are ideal for children in Kindergarten to Grade 7
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