Science Fuse is on a mission to transform the lives of Pakistani children through our holistic educational programs and resources. We believe that quality STEM education is the right of every child so help us make scientists. Every child deserves world-class science education! Your contribution can empower the children and give them a chance to fulfill their dreams.

How Can You Help?

Little Scientist Donation Drive

Be a pioneer of change and donate generously to our donation drive. Our drive aims to give back to our community and further our social justice approach.

With your support, we can ensure that science education reaches those who lack access to it. Your donations have a chance to change the trajectory of numerous children who might go on to do big things. We sincerely hope that you donate generously as every single donation matters!

  • Package A: Donate Rs. 10,000 for a Science Show in our Science Gaari which would cater to 100 students.

  • Package B: Donate Rs. 1,600 for a science kit that contains: –
    • 3 books
    • 5 Posters
    • 1 badge
    • Apparatus for an easy-to-do experiment, ‘Paani ka Patakha’.
    • Instruction manual for the experiment. 

Science Educational Resources

Support the learning of children in underserved communities by donating a set of 3 Books developed by Science Fuse, our Remarkable Women in STEM posters as well as our stickers to a school.


Rs 10,000/-

Sponsor A School

Help us in conducting 8 weeks of our Scientists of Tomorrow Program at a school and transform the way students experience science


Rs 68,000/-

Science Workshop

Support a single hands-on science workshop and bring the joy of science to children who are most deserving. We will share regular updates and photos of the supports outcome with you. 


Rs 10,000/-

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Your generous donations to Science Fuse are used to empower Pakistani children by providing them with educational resources. These educational resources are in the form of science hands-on workshops, science shows, and sponsoring students through different programs. Our aim to make quality STEM Education accessible to all is driven by the urge to improve lifestyles of any child that Science Fuse works with.

How do I support science learning in underserved communities?

You can donate science educational resources or sponsor a school to support underserved communities.

Can I donate into a bank account?

If you dont have online banking please use these banking details for any donations:

Lala Rukh Fazal ur Rahman
A/c # 5618-5000906850
IBAN # PK63 ALFH561800 5000906850
Branch: Bank Alfalah, Izmir Town Branch IBH, Lahore. Pakistan

Are there other ways to sponsor?

Yes. Call us at +92 320 7086000 to donate to the cause.

How do I know my donation is being put to good use?

You can follow Science Fuse’s activities on our social media or get in contact with our team in Islamabad and Lahore to ensure that your support is valued.

Will I be notified about how my funds are being spent?

Everything we do at Science Fuse is very transparent. We will share the reciepts, photos and reports on how your funds have been used to run our programs or a specific project. For more information you can reach us at info @


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