STEM Programs For Organisations

We offer a wide variety of programs, both Online and In-Person, that are customised to meet the needs of teachers and students! Our diverse programs cultivate curiosity, wonder, growth mindset and make science a fun experience for children and adults! Feel free to explore the program that you can benefit from most!

Our Offerings

STEM Programs for Preschoolers

For young learners, we create an immersive, sensory experience as part of early learning experiences! We want to create lifelong learners and researchers who are ready to explore the world on their own. Our programs for pre-schoolers inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity for science

Programs for 7 - 14 year olds

Our interactive & hands-on Science Workshops let children aged 3 – 14 explore diverse scientific themes from the natural world, material sciences, mathematics, biology, physics & chemistry.

Programs for Teachers & their students

Through this program, teachers get to experience both theoretical and practical training. Apart from gaining skills, knowledge and tools to teach science, teachers get to be a part of our workshops with the students to demonstrate their skills.

Teacher Training

Our teacher training & science educational resources give early childhood educators
as well as primary & secondary school teachers the skills, knowledge, confidence & passion they need to improve science teaching.

Its not just about teaching..

Our Programs are

fun, inspiring and relevant science learning engagements & educational resources. Students, teachers and communities can all benefit from our expertise. We aim to improve scientific literacy, and ignite a strong passion for science in children.

Fun, interactive and hands-on

Inspirational STEM Experiences

Loved by children & Adults

Ignite the sense of wonder

Relevant to Pakistani Culture


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