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We offer a wide variety of programs, both Online and In-Person, that are customised to meet the needs of teachers so they can best engage their students! Our diverse programs cultivate curiosity, wonder, and growth mindset and make science a fun experience for children and adults! Explore the program that you can benefit from most!

Scientists of Tomorrow

This program aims to train teachers to become confident science communicators and storytellers to make science a fun, engaging, and hands-on experience for the future generations of this country. Not only will the teachers learn how to sustain and nurture their student’s interest in science via our Science Capital Teaching Approach, but they will also learn to create STEM education programs within their classrooms in a cost-effective manner. 

For Students, the Scientists of Tomorrow Program aims to increase their scientific literacy through carefully planned informal, DIY science-based lessons. We also target a child’s perception of scientists to help build their identity around Science. 

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Program feature:

The Scientists of Tomorrow Program is a blended experience for Teachers and their Students. Through this program, the teachers will get a chance to master 5 essential elements for creating engaging learning experiences: Hook, Inform, Enable, Extend and Reflect. Science Fuse will train teachers to conduct engaging lessons for their students in their classrooms.


Duration: 8 weeks
Target Audience: Teachers and Students
Location: Online on Zoom or in-person at the school premises.

  • 4 live teacher training modules (each lasting 3 hours) on:
    • The Science Capital Teaching Approach
    • Designing Hands-On & Enquiry-based Lessons
    • The Art of Storytelling 
    • A Creative & Hands-On Approach to Teaching Science
  • 8 Lessons & student assessments designed by Science Fuse (4 based on our Science Stories & the other 4 on our DIY experiment videos)
  • 3 recorded training videos for teachers to nurture their Science Communication skills.
  • 4 Digital posters, podcasts, videos & scripts in Urdu & English from our series titled “Incredible Women in STEM” & “Incredible Qs of Science.”
  • 4 DIY experiment videos from our series titled ‘Let’s Do Science.’
  • “Science Fuse STEM Educator’ certificate for each teacher.
  • 4 extra lessons at the end.

Flying Jupiter Science Club and Teacher Training Program

This 8 week-long program engages both Teachers and Students. One of the program components is a weekly Science Club for students aged 7-14 years consisting of 8 modules.

Students get to explore diverse scientific themes within mathematics, biology, physics & chemistry. This program can be offered in person or online. Science Fuse will engage students once a week in sessions.

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Program feature:

Flying Jupiter Science Club will be delivered with support from teachers to give them an insight into our curriculum & methodology. Teachers will observe & facilitate each weekly module to gain a hands-on learning experience.

  • 3 live teacher training modules, (each lasting 3 hours) on: 
    • Introduction to The Science Capital Teaching Approach
    • Designing Hands-On & Enquiry-based Lessons
    • The Art of Storytelling 8 weekly unique & exciting Science
  • Modules, each lasting 1 hour for students aged 3 – 14 years.
  • 24 fun hands-on Science Experiments for students.
  • 2 stories & digital posters/illustrations from Pakistan’s 1st series of Science
  • Stories titled “Incredible Women in STEM” & “Incredible Qs of Science.” 
  • Digital Booklets are designed for students for each module.
  • Expert Science Communicators & Scientists.
  • ‘STEM Educator’ certificates for teachers.
  • ‘I’m an awesome Scientist’ certificates for students.

The Science Capital Educational Approach

Our Pedagogy

We are encouraging everyone to develop a lifelong journey with science at Science Fuse. And we believe that begins best with children and young people. Science is a universal language. So we have designed an informal Science Education Curriculum for 3 – 14 year-olds. We are inspired by local and international curricula; bringing forward the best of both worlds to build scientific literacy and enhance the quality of science education.

Our curriculum is designed using the Science Capital Teaching Approach to help students aged 3 – 14 years find more meaning and relevance in science. As a result, they engage more with the subject. Researchers from University College London, King’s College London, the Science Museum London and 43 secondary science teachers in England have worked to build this inspiring ideology. The ideas for this approach were co-developed and tested over four years.


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