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Frequently Asked Questions

What We Do

Science Fuse is working to change the way science is perceived and communicated both inside and outside classrooms in Pakistan. We create informal STEM learning environments for children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to nurture their interest and understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and careers.

How We Do It

We offer all-year round informal learning programs for children in collaboration with schools and other organisations. We also engage students through public engagement events such as science festivals. We work closely with teachers, parents and school administrations to change their perception of STEM and offer innovative all-year year round informal STEM learning programs where children learn by doing. Our programs allow children to learn as they delve into scientific investigations. They also allow them to link science to their daily lives and help change their perception towards science and scientists.

Why Informal STEM Education is Important for Pakistan

We believe it’s critical to understand how children and young people in Pakistan perceive and pursue science. There is general consensus around the world that we need more children to pursue science. Science is described by major governments as being strategically important to their economies. The economy of any country is dependent on the flow of scientists to a large extent. Therefore more efforts must be made to make Science a part of our popular culture. this is imperative if we want to shape our children into innovators, problem-solvers and scientists of tomorrow.

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