December 2016 Program at Haque Academy

December 2016 Program at Haque Academy

Our week long STEM-program aims at fostering critical thinking skills in students and makes learning science and mathematics a fun, challenging, and engaging experience.
The program is open to students of Haque Academy as well as other private schools in Karachi.

The program offers the students an opportunity to:

  • Learn and explore topics within science and mathematics through a curriculum which is hands-on and interactive.
  • Play with Sphero to learn about ‘Gravity’
  • Learn about ‘Virtual Reality’ using Google Cardboard
  • Learn, shape and experience something new.
  • Have fun!

When and Where:

  • Grade group: Open to students of Grades 2 to 4
  • Dates: 28th November – 9th December 2016
  • Last day to register: 26th November 2016
  • Timings: 13:15 – 14:45 or 15:00 – 14:30
  • Program fee: Rs. 6,000
  • Location: Haque Academy, 208-A, 32nd Street, Phase 8, DHA Karachi. Phone: 111-42-1977
  • For questions please contact: Reem Dhamee, Assistant Director Communications at Lala Rukh, Co-Founder Science Fuse at – 0300 444 32 90

Please register your interest as soon as possible as we only have a limited number of slots available. The registration can be confirmed by using the form below, also available at this link:


Science Fuse presenting Incredible Forces

Forces are all around us and affect everything we do. Join us for an hour long show where we explore the world of forces with everyday objects and show you fun demonstrations about motion, fire and rockets with the help of an incredible scientist who lived almost 300 hundred years ago. You’ve probably read about these things in textbooks or heard about them from your teachers but here’s a chance to experience science in action.

When and Where:
Date: Friday, 30th October
Time: 18:30 PST
Charges: Rs. 300 p/child
Age Group: 9 to 12 years only (accompanied by max 2 adults)
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Venue: T2F – 10-C, Sunset Lane 5, Karachi, Pakistan

For questions please contact:
Ahsan Zafar, Project Manager T2F at 0333 2248828
Lalah Rukh , Founder Science Fuse at 0300 444 3290

Science Fuse at Magnifi-Science

Science Fuse at Magnifi-Science

We are excited to announce that Science Fuse will be exhibiting at the Magnifi-Science, Pakistan’s first Science focused event organised by the Dawood Public Foundation, in Karachi.

The Exhibition aims to encourage the quest for Science in everyone, especially students by creating learning space for people from all backgrounds, irrespective of age, gender or class. TDF Magnifi-Science is going to be based on 3 main themes:
Basic Science
Science of Technology
Earth Science

Science Fuse exhibiting at Magnifi-Science organised by The Dawood Foundation

Entry to the exhibition is free for all so come join us for some amazing fun filled days.

When and where:
23 – 25 September
Dawood Public School
Plot # ST-1, Dawood Cooperative Housing Society, Bahadurabad, Karachi.